Hola soy Luis alias Roykh, Estudio Lenguas Modernas. Soy Gamer, me gusta mucho la comida y me encanta hacer estupideces espontaneas porque las mejores estupideces son espontaneas.



W a y f i n d e r s ; 

I originally made only ventus, but decided to draw all three after some thought! 
Aqua is dedicated to aquakh, I hope they feel better ; o ; they’re all transparent, too!! 


Five fictional relationships I feel are underrated in no particular order 2/5: Nope nope nopedy nope. I don’t care how much the vampire diaries fans love this bromance because it can never be loved enough, I started crying just putting this together and if you knew me that is diddly darn impressive. Okay seriously BROTP right here you can’t possible get the pain of Dalaric, if this thing had order they would be so whatever the order allowed to be the best nope I’m crying 


Two of legendary horror film figures in their own shows! How awesome is that?! Who’s your favorite?